Children can be gifted and/or talented in many areas, including sport, art, music, intellectual ability, emotional ability, leadership and more.

We promote holistic, inclusive and responsive learning environments through curriculum, differentiation, organisational frameworks and self-review. 

When planning for the needs of our gifted and talented students, we consider concepts of giftedness, the characteristics of gifted learners, our identification processes and how we can provide for our learners.

The purpose of defining and identifying giftedness is to recognise individual and group abilities, qualities and interests. Gifted education is about ensuring that gifted potential is realised, that gifted learners discover their strengths and follow their passions, and that barriers to success are minimised. 

We respond to the strengths, needs and interests of gifted learners through personalised approaches to teaching and learning and develop personalised learning, a holistic approach to teaching and learning that is learner centred and learner driven.