What you might need to know …

What should I do to prepare my child for school?

Our best advice is to talk to them about school, and what they might expect when at school. Practice walking to school, visit the school in the weekends, use the playgrounds, talk about things you see around the school.

We know each child’s earning journey is different, it is also useful if you:

Does my child need to wear school uniform to the pre- school visits?

Your child can wear uniform or everyday clothes to the pre-school visits.  See below for more information about purchasing a uniform.

Does a parent/grandparent/care-giver have to stay in the classroom with their child during the pre-school visits?

An adult must be onsite while your child is at their pre-start visit.  We appreciate if you can make other arrangements for your other pre-school children to help minimise disruptions in these sessions.

What if I cannot bring my child to the designated pre-school visit dates.  Can I have a pre-school visit on an alternate day?

We hope the notice we provide allows you to attend the pre-school visits. It is not a requirement to attend pre-school visits but we have found that children who have had pre-school transition to school quickly.

Our new entrant teachers set aside Thursday mornings for pre-school visits and they run a slightly modified learning programme. It is not possible for them to have visitors on other days as this is disruptive to the usual learning programme.

Will I meet the principal?

Yes, every child and parent meets with the principal during their first couple of weeks at school. Jane will check in on how you have settled into our school and have time for you to ask any questions.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you haven’t already sent your enrolment paperwork back please bring these with you to your first visit and drop them at the office.

What is the enrolment process?

Once you have submitted your Application for In Zone Enrolment, please go here and complete the digital enrolment form. You will need a digital copy of your child’s NZ Birth certificate or passport, or Visa and a copy of your child’s Immunisation Certificate. These will be uploaded into the form.

For students older than 5, the first step is to complete a pre-enrolment form. You will need to arrange an appointment with us to complete the enrolment.  Please email for an appointment.

Other useful information: